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Your 2022 Impact

There's no denying—I am grateful for you...

As we round out these first few weeks of 2023, I am looking back on all we accomplished together last year with astonishment! Your support has been an invaluable partner. Here are a few of the things we did together in 2022:

  • We have consistently served 2,000 children, and their families, in our sponsorship program with education, medical, and food assistance.

  • We have distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods (clothes, food, medication, baby necessities, shoes, etc.) to those in need.

  • We've continued our education work in over 20 schools.

  • We've done training for teachers, principals, and youth. We've had specialty trainings for our schools on first aid, for families and students on bullying, internet wellness, and abuse.

  • We've held summer camps in Jordan and Lebanon, serving close to 1,000 children.

  • We began 3 new children programs this year in an effort to better serve under-reached children in our region.

  • We've brought more than 20 containers of aid to the Middle East this year. The goods in these containers have served over 20,000 families.

And this is just a quick and incomplete summary. Your support is making an impact in our region. We simply couldn't accomplish all of this without you. As I write this, my heart is full from all we've done together over the last year. 2023 is set to hold some special projects we've been working towards for a long time. I can't wait to tell you more about these in the coming months! I appreciate your partnership more than you may know. Your donations allow us to do all the work I've listed here and more. Please know, your giving is making a real and measurable impact in the lives of so many in our region. Signing off from the “Land of Dust and Dreams.” Until next time…


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