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We exist to

help those in the Middle East trapped in poverty.

Heart of Mercy started as a sponsorship organization for kids who were growing up in poverty. Through the years, the work of HOM has continued to grow to include the fields of education, medical care, job training, aid distribution, and community development work.
While we recognize the challenges of poverty, we also believe individuals, families, and entire communities can be freed from its restraints. This requires us to take a multidimensional approach – addressing present problems while also creating long-term solutions. Over the years, we have continued to maintain our flagship Child Sponsorship program while expanding into the work of Aid and Development to create a holistic approach to poverty alleviation. 



Before a true journey out of poverty can begin, basic human and survival needs must be met. To help meet these needs and bring stability to the lives of those we serve, we distribute large quantities of food, clothing, and emergency services to individuals and families in need. We also sponsor medical clinics in areas where access to quality medical treatment and care are limited.

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A central element to our work, from the very beginning, has been child sponsorship. Our sponsors directly aid in the education and development of children in the Middle East. Each child in our program attends a quality private school, receives regular medical care, and get special opportunities for extracurricular activities and advancement. 



Our third avenue of work is one of long-term investment. Our organization is committed to seeing future generations in the Middle East have a better future. This means we are signed-up for the long-haul. We are committed to working on true, holistic, and beneficial poverty alleviation programs for individuals and family units, while continuing to focus on schools and education throughout the region.


Poverty is a big deal,

but it doesn't have to be where the story ends.

We are committed to seeing the cycle of poverty end and future generations in the Middle East live a life free from it’s narrative.

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