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What started as one man with a heart of compassion has become a thriving organization linking compassionate hearts around the globe to people with real needs who are now able to receive tangible help.


Heart of Mercy started out over twenty years ago with one man who wanted to help his people. Since then, we’ve grown into an international nonprofit organization working throughout the Middle East. 


We serve refugees throughout our region, provide food assistance, and do extensive gifts-in-kind distributions every year. We distribute medical supplies and bring medical teams to the region. We have programs for teenagers, an extensive child sponsorship program, and certification and training initiatives. 


Our work spans the fields of both aid and development but specializes in poverty alleviation programs for children and families.

There's a story about
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One of the most important pillars of our work is education. We deeply believe in the value of educating children so that we can see better and brighter tomorrows – both on an individual and community level. In the Middle East, if an individual doesn’t receive a quality education, they will be unable to get a good job and will be relegated to a life of poverty. We are committed to making sure the children in our programs aren’t faced with this hopeless, cyclical resignation. The cycle of poverty has the potential to end with every child we see receive a good education. We are also committed to helping adults learn how to break their own bonds of poverty with things like vocational training and job certifications. In the Middle East, the value of a good education is priceless.


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