Heart of Mercy is an international nonprofit that has successfully been working in the Middle East for over 20 years. Based in Amman, Jordan, we help families trapped in cyclical poverty gain the skills and tools necessary to live a life outside of extreme poverty. By treating each family as an individual unit and providing holistic development assistance, we help families out of the pit of poverty through various medical, education, and vocation programs.

HOM operates a bit differently than most organizations. We recognize that every person and every family are unique. Therefore, every family we work with is approached as a distinct and individual unit. We don't have a one and done approach. 

When we agree to help a family, we aren’t simply providing a handout or one avenue of an easement. Heart of Mercy always strives to take a comprehensive approach with all those we serve. This means we meet present needs while also helping individuals and families develop past the bonds of extreme poverty to find solid footing on their own.

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One of the most important pillars of our work is education. We deeply believe in the value of educating children so that we can see better and brighter tomorrows – both on an individual and community level. In the Middle East, if an individual doesn’t receive a quality education, they will be unable to get a good job and will be relegated to a life of poverty. We are committed to making sure the children in our programs aren’t faced with this hopeless, cyclical resignation. The cycle of poverty has the potential to end with every child we see receive a good education. We are also committed to helping adults learn how to break their own bonds of poverty with things like vocational training and job certifications. In the Middle East, the value of a good education is priceless.



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