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This is my favorite time of year

The Christmas season is a very special time of year for all of us at Heart of Mercy.

Every year, our staff put gifts together for each of the children in our schools. We are talking thousands of presents. It's a lot of work. But the happiest kind of work. We package everything up, load the truck, and head to each school. Every single child gets a gift. We pull up with presents and Santa Claus in tow and have a whole lot of fun!

Last Christmas, as I sat in the courtyard of one of our schools, I watched our kids belly laugh over the festivities. After the songs, funny skits, and yummy snacks, our kids all received Christmas presents. One from HOM directly and a “shoebox” gift in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse.

This is always a special day at all of our schools. The joy is palpable. The laughs are off the charts.

However, last year amidst all this joy, I found my eyes looking up. There was a tall apartment building next to the school and some of the balconies could see over into the school courtyard. In one of these apartments, I saw a young boy peering over, watching the Christmas festivities from a distance. In the midst of so much pure joy, my heart cracked just a bit…

I don’t want any kids peering over the walls or watching from a distance. I’m grateful for every person we are able to help. But I never want to stop seeing those we’ve yet to reach.

I’m celebrating all we’ve accomplished this year, and believe we will be able to do even more next year!

It's your support that helps us continue to provide for the kids already in our program—as well as reach out to bring in those on the edge. The same is true for our other programs. It is your generosity and continued support that makes it all possible.

Thousands of children and families have been served this year. Food has been given. Clothing has been provided. Medical care has been offered. Education has continued. Emergency aid was able to show up. Because you said yes.

Not only is my heart full of gratitude, but it is also full of hope as I look to next year.

Merry Christmas!


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