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So... What is Development Work?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Did you know Heart of Mercy doesn't just do aid? We are also a development organization. This is the stuff a lot of organizations don't like to talk about much - because development work can be a really hard “sell.” This is because it doesn't usually have the same emotional pull or quick results of traditional aid work.

It's hard work, it often takes a lot of time, and the “return on investment” can be slow growing. But it's where the work lives that brings lasting, long-term changes.

It's easy to show pictures of physical aid reaching those in need. But that is just step one for us. The final step in development work is when we are no longer needed.

It lives in the place where a refugee father who fled war with his family is now living in a safe place, has a home, has stable work, his kids are receiving an education, and they are on their way to thriving once again.

A family may start out needing aid. But the end goal is to stop in for a cup of tea to catch up after they’ve left our program - and no longer need our assistance. This is development - tangible, positive, and long-lasting changes. And this is why we invest in the long-term.

There is a special beauty in being committed to long-term development. It allows us to not be caught up in short-sighted productivity but live in a world where positive results take time.

It takes time to get an education. It takes time to build a business. It takes time for a family to build their ladder and climb out of poverty.

If we are only looking for short-term productivity, we don’t always have enough time. But when we are committed to the long-term, we have time.

There is beauty in letting the process take all the time it needs to produce life-changing, community-bettering, positive results.

And you are making this happen, friend. Your continued support makes this kind of work possible. Thank you for being with us on this journey of development with us and all whom we are serving. Until next time...


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