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Can I Tell You A Story?

In an instant—everything changed.

A few years ago—okay, it was definitely more than 20 years ago—our founder, Peter, was visiting Amman, Jordan. He was part of a small project that was bringing education to impoverished children in the area.

While there, Peter met a young girl in the program who, despite her difficult situation, had a joy and vibrancy for life that left a mark on his heart. Heartbreakingly, a few weeks after leaving word came that this young girl unexpectedly passed away. Peter learned that this young life was tragically cut short by entirely preventable causes.

That was the moment. Peter knew right then that the rest of his life's work would be a memorial to this girl. As many people as could be saved, would be. It was at this point when it dawned on Peter...this wasn’t an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to the very last cell in his body that he had to something that would make a real difference.

Two-plus decades down the road, and here we are. Our commitment and passion remains the same: holistic care for as many as we are able to help. A quality education for these kids, yes. But we can't stop there. Healthcare, safe homes, emergency aid when required, and development investment for the whole family must also be addressed. Wherever possible, whenever possible, do all you can. This is our approach, this is our calling.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. May our hearts always be full of mercy and moved by compassion…

Talk soon, friend!

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